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Meet Darcie

Financial Advisor

Darcie is a passionate and client-focused financial advisor at DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management. With a journey from administrative assistant to industry leader, Darcie is dedicated to empowering clients with personalized financial strategies.

Darcie's Story

Darcie is a highly motivated financial advisor known for her compassionate, client-centric approach to wealth management. Her passion for financial planning and dedication to helping clients achieve their goals have fueled a successful career since 2008, marked by multiple investment certifications.

Beginning her journey as an administrative assistant, Darcie has consistently refined her skills and knowledge, advancing through the ranks to gain a comprehensive understanding of the wealth management industry. Today, she is a founding partner of DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management, where she remains committed to providing exceptional client service.

Darcie's approach to financial planning is deeply personal. She builds strong relationships with her clients, tailoring her services to their unique needs. Her keen understanding of financial markets and the available products instills confidence and trust in those she advises.

In 2019, Darcie co-founded DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management Ltd with her partner, Laurianne. This venture has furthered her unwavering commitment to her clients. Darcie empowers individuals of all genders and relationship statuses to achieve their financial goals, valuing the relationships she has cultivated. Her positive attitude and empathetic, relatable style make her an inspiring figure in wealth management, guiding clients through its complexities with confidence.

Connect with Darcie today to navigate your wealth management journey.


  • Licensing:

    • Licensed in Mutual Funds

    • Licensed in Segregated Funds

    • Licensed in Insurance

  • In Progress:

    • Currently completing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, demonstrating a deep commitment to understanding and applying comprehensive financial planning strategies.

  • Completed Certifications:

    • Certificate in 3H Financial Planning: A focused program enhancing skills in holistic, human-centric, and hands-on financial planning approaches.

    • Diploma in Financial Planning and Services: An extensive course covering a wide range of financial planning services, emphasizing practical and theoretical aspects of financial advising.

    • Certified Executor Advisor (CEA): provides the knowledge required to engage with executors; the most trusted and influential people in their testator parents' lives and those responsible for successful estate settlement.


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