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Meet Laurianne

Financial Planner

As a founding partner of DOELL OSMAK with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Laurianne is passionate about helping people achieve greater control and responsibility over both financial affairs and their lives. Many of Laurianne’s clients have spent years simultaneously raising families and building careers.

Laurianne's Story

Laurianne is a founding partner at DOELL OSMAK. Her passion as a financial planner lies in empowering both women and men to take greater control and responsibility for their financial affairs.

Many of Laurianne's clients have dedicated years to raising families and pursuing careers, often placing the stock market and financial planning on the back burner. This oversight can set the stage for future financial challenges.

Does this sound familiar? Laurianne believes that with the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding, clients can confidently articulate their financial concerns and adeptly manage their finances.

Interestingly, regardless of the reason clients approach her — be it retirement, loss of a loved one, or divorce — their concerns are often similar:

- "What do I do now?"
- "Will I have enough money?"
- "Can I support my family and personal interests?"

Engaging with DOELL OSMAK and Laurianne involves:

- Creating your Financial Roadmap, instilling confidence and clarity as you embark on your journey to financial savvy and independence.
- Building a Balanced Investment Strategy, tailored to your unique life goals, balancing growth, safety, and income.
- Enrolling in DOELL OSMAK’s “Savvy Women’s Club,” a community focused on financial education and independence, designed to prepare you to handle life’s events with confidence and grace.

Laurianne's 30-year tenure in the financial services industry includes roles such as Life Insurance Specialist with Credential Insurance, Financial Advisor/Partner with Simpli Insurance Group in Wakaw, and most recently, as a Financial Planning Partner with DOELL OSMAK in Prince Albert.

Outside of work, Laurianne enjoys outdoor life at Wakaw Lake with her husband Trent, who is also the handyman and gardener, and catching up with their daughters.


Professional Licenses

  - Licensed in Mutual Funds
  - Licensed in Segregated Funds
  - Licensed in Insurance
  - Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
  - Certified Life Insurance Specialist (CHS)

Unique Expertise

  - The only Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Life Insurance Specialist in Prince Albert and surrounding area.

Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

  - Recognized as an elite professional financial advisor.
  - Specializes in developing solutions for individuals, business owners, and professionals in areas like risk management, wealth creation and preservation, estate planning, and wealth transfer.

Certified Life Insurance Specialist (CHS)

  - Accredited by The Institute for Advanced Financial Education (The Institute™).
  - Raises standards and practice methods for financial advisors in the health insurance sector.
  - Provides in-depth expertise in this specialized field.

Women’s Wealth Advisory

  - Completed the Masters of Women’s Advisory Program.
  - Deeply committed to empowering clients and peers.
  - Focused on serving the financial needs of women and securing their financial future.


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