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Meet Meagan

Office Administrator

Meagan Witkowski is essential in keeping our operations smooth and efficient. Her strong organizational skills, problem-solving abilities, and positive attitude make her a vital part of our team, ensuring everything runs seamlessly day-to-day. Meagan's commitment to our success is clear in her work ethic and support.

Meagan's Story

Meagan Witkowski is a successful local entrepreneur who’s excited to broaden her horizons in the wealth management industry and join the DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management Ltd team.

Meagan’s journey began when she graduated from Carlton High School with Honours with Distinction and pursued her passion for beauty, becoming a certified Esthetician. She co-founded a salon where she gained valuable experience in office administration, client communication, and problem-solving.

Throughout her nine years of experience as an esthetician and business owner, Meagan has honed her organizational skills, attention to detail, and discretion. She’s always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow, and her positive attitude and exceptional problem-solving abilities equip her to tackle challenges in her new role.

When she’s not working, Meagan loves spending time outdoors on her farm with her spouse, son, and various pets. She’s also a talented artist who enjoys expressing her creativity through drawing.

Meagan is dedicated to delivering outstanding results in everything she does. Her strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and ability to approach challenges with positivity make her an ideal team player. She’s committed to her growth and development within the wealth management sector and is excited to contribute to the DO Wealth team’s success.

As our Office Administrator, Meagan is tasked with ensuring our office runs smoothly and efficiently. She’s responsible for managing our day-to-day operations, maintaining records and files, and assisting with scheduling and appointments.


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