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A Lifesaver in Retirement Planning: Ed and Lisa’s Experience with DO Wealth

Updated: Jan 16

A New Beginning

When Ed was made redundant from Cameco, he was faced with the challenge of self-directing his pension. It was a daunting task, filled with uncertainty and stress. That's when a trusted friend pointed him in the direction that would change his and his wife Lisa’s life: towards DO Wealth Management.

A Clear Objective

The primary goal for Ed and Lisa was crystal clear—they needed to secure their pension and obtain expert advice to set them on the path toward a comfortable and early retirement. It was a significant transition in their life, and they needed a trustworthy partner.

Exceptional Expertise

Their first encounter with DO Wealth set the tone for a fruitful relationship. "Their expertise is exceptional," Ed notes. "They take the time to explain every detail, in language that we can understand." Ed and Lisa felt valued and respected, never left in the dark, with DO’s team answering their queries "all the time, no exceptions."

Achieving the Dream

Under the guidance of Darcie and Laurianne at DO Wealth, what seemed like a distant dream for Ed and Lisa quickly became a tangible reality. "My wife and I retired five and a half years earlier than we had planned," says Ed. "We were assured by Darcie and Laurianne that we could do this quite comfortably."

No Need to Look Further

When you've found something perfect, why keep searching? That's precisely Ed's sentiment. "Sorry, when you are dealing with the best, why look anywhere else," he firmly states. This is a sentiment echoed by Lisa, as they found a team that not only guides them professionally but also truly cares for them.

Peace of Mind

"I used to worry about our finances and investments," Ed admits. But today, thanks to DO Wealth Management, financial anxiety is a thing of the past for Ed and Lisa. "Now it is the furthest thing from my mind because I know we are in extremely safe hands with the DO team, and they will always look after us," Ed adds warmly.

More Than Just a Meeting

For those seeking similar peace of mind and financial security, Ed's recommendation is clear. "Meet with Darcy and Laurianne and have all your concerns, questions, and goals answered," he advises. These meetings, he notes, are not just about crunching numbers; they’re akin to catching up with old friends. "Because we know them so well now, the majority of the time is spent on catching up with each other's family affairs," Ed fondly shares. "I trust this team to the extent that I really do not need an explanation of what they are going to do, because they have done such a wonderful job in the past."

In Gratitude

In closing, both Ed and Lisa extend their heartfelt appreciation to the team that has helped shape their golden years. "I would like to express our feeling of gratitude to Darcie, Laurianne, and Michelle," Ed states sincerely. "You are very fortunate to have such a dedicated, loyal, and caring team representing and helping your business."This is the story of Ed and Lisa, whose lives were forever changed through their partnership with DO Wealth Management. Like them, you too can find financial security, expert guidance, and perhaps even some unexpected friendships along the way.



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