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Charting a Path to Financial Security: Travis & Kerri's Journey with DO Wealth

Updated: Jan 16

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Travis and Kerri, a couple who have built a unique relationship with DO Wealth over the past few years. They shared their inspiring story, detailing their personal journey toward financial security and freedom.

Travis and Kerri, like many families, had clear financial goals: secure their retirement and provide for their children's education. However, they also wanted to retire earlier than the traditional age of 65. The challenge was figuring out how to make all this happen. Luckily their path led them to us at DO Wealth through a family friend's recommendation.

"We loved their no-pressure approach to investing," shared Travis. "It fit perfectly into our lifestyle, making the decision to choose DO Wealth services quite easy."

Prior to joining DO Wealth, their portfolio included pension plans and personal RRSPs, but they were keen to explore new ways to maximize their investments.

The concept of TFSA's intrigued them, yet they needed guidance on how to leverage it (see our beginner's guide). DO Wealth, represented by their financial advisor Laurianne, was poised to help.

"The plan Laurianne designed for us was clear and tailored to our needs," Kerri explained. "It required a financial commitment from our end but offered flexibility for life's unpredictability. It was a roadmap to our financial goals."

Throughout their journey with DO Wealth, Travis and Kerri encountered instances that affirmed their choice. Laurianne once suggested an unconventional investment opportunity, different from their existing portfolio and generic advice, which turned out to be very profitable. She also guided them through the crucial process of preparing their wills, ensuring their family's financial future.

"We're more motivated to invest in ourselves and our family," says Travis. Now they are maximizing their TFSA's and have started an RESP for their youngest son, Parker.

When asked what differentiates DO Wealth from other financial service providers, Travis and Kerri emphasized the personal experience. "Other institutions treated our business like a transaction, whereas DO Wealth felt more like a partnership."

Their financial strategy has come a long way since they first joined DO Wealth. Once abstract, their financial goals of early retirement and securing their children’s education now seem tangible. "With Laurianne and DO Wealth's guidance, our ambitions have evolved into a solid, achievable plan," says Kerri.

The couple didn't hesitate to recommend DO Wealth to others. "We have already suggested DO Wealth to our friends and family," Travis concluded. "Their no-pressure approach to wealth management has put us on track to reach our goals."

Their journey paints a vivid picture of financial growth and assurance, an affirmation of DO Wealth's client-first approach. Travis and Kerri's story is not just a testament to our services, but an illustration of the profound impacts of effective financial planning on everyday lives.

They are not just clients; they are our partners in this journey to financial well-being.



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